Ducati Accessories

Ducati has a big range of accessories for the Scrambler.  You can find out all about it here.  The ones I added to mine (for now) are :

  • Belly pan, to protect some vitals when going off-road
  • Heated grips, remarkably integrated on the Scrambler with no separate switches and three settings; they work very well.
  • Fly-screen, tiny but again remarkably effective; makes high speeds much more bearable.
  • Grill for headlight, I like the look…
  • Handlebar bag, always useful…

There is more to come.

Finally a picture of my very own Ducati Scrambler 🙂

A Red Icon


It was, to be honest, a difficult choice.  I like all the versions of the 800.  I ended up choosing the Red Icon because :

  • It was the cheapest and I have a lot of stuff I want to customise on the bike so it makes sense to not spend too much up front
  • I love the Ducati red.  Beautiful iconic color (pun intended) that does remind me that this bike is a Ducati.
  • I didn’t want wire wheels (although they’re better off-road).  The cast wheels run tubeless tires which are both safer and easier to repair in case of puncture.

Next post I will start detailing the accessories that I fitted.