Can the Triumph Street Scrambler scramble ?

People often think that all the neo-retro scramblers into market are just styling exercises for hipsters and that they are useless off-road.  Another great video by the Bike Shed here below answers the question with regards to the brilliant Triumph Street Scrambler. I have taken mine off-road as well.  Although not a real dirt bike, it definitely has the go-anywhere capabilities that I look for in this kind of bike.  Fire roads, dirt tracks, forest trails, farm tracks etc… this bike can definitely do it.  I would draw the line at single track, or more trials type off-road as for that the bike is just too heavy.

A happy Street Scrambler owner !

I thought a share a good video from another happy Triumph Street Scrambler owner and he is none other than Dutch Van Someren, the founder of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club in London.  He loves it  and has done some good mods to the bike.  I know because I have done some of the same, notably the shocks and that great exhaust ;-).  Check it out: