The ultimate adventure !

Check out this video of a young man about to attempt the world record of the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe by motorcycle.   The weapon of choice : a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled !  I wish him all the very best and have donated to his charity (Movember, a great choice).  He will be setting off from the Bike Shed soon and you can follow his adventure on

Horcamoto fantastic again

Well, the much awaited article on Paul and Pau’s trip through the Scottish Highlands has been published in issue 14 of Motorcycle Explorer Magazine and it doesn’t disappoint.  A great article with Paul’s very well explained “Road to Damascus” moment on why smaller lighter bikes bring us back to the joy of riding.   Also a great and detailed packing list for the Scrambler.  I was particularly happy to read that even with 80 litres of luggage on the bike, the Scrambler remained a joy to ride.   This is a must read for anyone interested in Adventure riding and who wants to hear about alternatives to the giant bikes that all manufacturers now make following the (admittedly well deserved) success of the BMW R1200GS.


One of my favourite bloggers of all time, Horcamoto, has just embarked on a Ducati Scrambler adventure doing exactly what I hope one day to do too.  For those of you who don’t know the site, it’s a blog/website that tells the tales of two true adventure riders, Paul and his girlfriend Pau. It’s one of the very best sites out there.  I don’t think anything/anyone has inspired me more than they have.  I particularly recommend their “The way we roll” video series which I have watched countless times but their articles are great too !  They have just embarked on a trip through Scotland on Ducati Scramblers and already have an introductory article and a pictorial up on the site.  They will also soon be publishing an article in Motorcycle Explorer Magazine to which they’re both contributors.  I can’t wait to read their thoughts and tales !