Why a Ducati Scrambler ?

Ducati got a lot of flak for the somewhat cheesy “Land of Joy” marketing campaign (see the video above) that preceded the launch of the Ducati Scrambler.  People said it catered too much to the beards and tattoo hipster crowd and that it didn’t do the bike any favours.  I think Ducati got one thing right with the Scrambler and their marketing : they brought the word “fun” back to motorcycling.  Land of Joy indeed.

The Ducati Scrambler a lightweight sub 200 kg motorcycle with a punchy engine and a go anywhere attitude.  It doesn’t come with a gazillion horsepower, rider aids, or suspension modes.  It’s a simple air-cooled bike to have fun on.  And you know what ?  It is fun.  Riding it is a joy as it packs a punch at real world speeds, handles telepathically and seems to always invite you to come and have a blast.  There is nothing remotely intimidating about it but it’s never boring.

The original Ducati Scrambler

Ducati says that the Ducati Scrambler is what the bike would look like had they never stopped manufacturing their single cylinder Scramblers of the sixties and early seventies. I think they’re right and they have done an amazing job at bringing this bike to the market.  It has sold extremely well for them and I think they absolutely nailed it in terms of building the right product for the times.  I want fun and adventure again and although I love all things digital, I want to bring back analog pleasures in my life. Nothing beats riding a fun bike on a twisty country lane :).

The Ducati Scrambler for our times

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